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Geriatric Psychology

Geriatric Psychological Services designed to detect and treat the following symptoms/disorders:

Meal refusal



Aggressive behavior


Extreme mood swings


Non-compliance with medical treatments

Neuropsychological testing


Contract with facilities and individual clients/patients to provide initial psychological assessment.

Family sessions to include significant family members in the treatment plan or planning phase.

If contracting with a facility, staff will be trained, at no charge, on topics to provide methods for working with difficult or hard to manage patients, stress and crisis management, and additional clinically relevant issues.

Mental health treatment to address physical health adjustment, compliance with medical care, symptom management of medical treatment.

Recommendation of compatible treatment plan to coincide with ongoing treatments.  Patient will be seen weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly depending on treatment needs.

Pain management and mindfulness using relaxation techniques.

Behavioral health care to address wandering or when to consider wander guards, daily living challenges, and behavioral acting out concerns.

Alzheimer's assessment.

Psychological testing to measure attention, memory, and executive functioning.


Work with family and/or facility to provide a comprehensive treatment plan to include required staff meetings, clinical staffings, and charting for weekly treatment updates.


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